The Management Committee, elected once every two years, looks after the affairs of SICA. It meets regularly and plans/ discusses the programs. All the team Members work voluntarily for the cause of promoting classical music, dance and drama. The present Committee for 2015-17 is headed by Dr S. Chakravarthy. The Members are:

1    Chakravarthy Dr S, IAS (Retd) President
2  Jabamany D S Jebamany D.S. Vice-President
3  B Ch V Subba Rao Subba Rao B.Ch. V. Vice-President
4   Sastri.Justice C.V.N. Vice-President
5  Dr.N.RameshKumar Ramesh Kumar Dr. N, IAS  Vice-President
6  S. Gopalakrishnan Gopalakrishnan S. Vice-President
7   Chakrapani R. Hon. Secretary
8   Rajasekhar N. Jt. Secretary
9   Ramana Dr K.V. Jt. Secretary
 10   Sudhindra Kumar B. Treasurer
Rama Sharan Sharma P.
Jt. Treasurer
12   Hariharan  C.V. Member
13  A R Sastry Ramanadha Sastry A. Member
14   Raghunathan K. Member
15   Rao D.J. Member
16  Raghuraman D. Raghuraman D. Member
17 Krishna Murthy N. Member
18   Murthy K.N.D Member
19  V. Ramachandran  Ramachandran V. Member
20  Vijay Prasad Vijay Prasad Member
21  P.Gopala Krishna  Gopala Krishna P.  Member